What happens if you stand in front of a canvas with no idea what you're going to paint? With colors on the palette and brush in hand you just allow the painting to take shape. Your imagination starts to take hold and a story begins to unfold. 


This is an incredibly invigorating 

way to paint. I love that this process honors  reflection and integration by incorporating not only what fits the narrative that's organically becoming known, but where the formal aspects of the painting are leading you.  Coming from a background of adhering to references, or sketches and plans, to opening up to a whatever-happens-kind-of- mentality is freeing and surprising. 


It was a weekend workshop called Painting From The Source, that turned me on to this more process oriented approach. Though, I've altered it to adapt more to my style, this teaching has been a valued jumping off point and I'm so grateful to have been opened up by that experience. 

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