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“I love that painting and drawing opens up this quiet, expansive space. One, where I can slowly and carefully add marks of color and shape that might eventually add up to honoring some of the mysteries and questions I have about this life.” 

Carolyn Robles is a Tucson-based portrait and figurative artist. Her art aims to capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience, often layering environmental, spiritual, and philosophical themes while exploring the possibilities of narrative and allegory.

"Her work astonishes with subtle meanings and compassionate understanding of the subjects she portrays"- Michael Fenlason


She grew up in a nature loving and artistic family where exposure to art and a variety of art materials fostered a curiosity for creation and connection. "When I think back to my earliest experiences my overriding thoughts had to do with how everything was interconnected, because I sensed that somehow it was. And throughout the years it is the single most pervasive topic and question that occupies my mind. I feel especially motivated to try to discover and visually describe these unseen connections and the immaterial aspects of our lives."  When not focused on these more symbolic narrative paintings she is often drawn to portraits, a love that continues from early childhood watching her Mom paint portraits and poring over art books, especially dealing with heads and hands. 


Gaining an early start in art lead to fulfilling portrait commissions and teaching art since she was a teen. She earned a BFA in Studio Arts form NAU, studied art in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy while living in Europe for five years. She then, received an MFA from Laguna College of Art + Design with a degree in Representational Painting.  


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