I am truly happiest when creating, from a simple piece of jewelry, to a large and complex painting, I find my bliss in creativity. I love getting lost in ideas and making connections, to appreciating how the paint feels as it glides over the canvas, or how drawing lines can become a meditation. Being high on art is as real as a runners high!

I'm intrigued by the art making roller coaster, an often complex process, and have become fascinated by creativity itself, not just the final product, but the impulse, the act, the process.  I'm attracted to all kinds of art, from meditative, to technical, to expressive, and most excited when incorporating portraits and figures. I'm constantly trying to get to the bottom of things and art has become a great outlet to work these problems and thoughts out. 

I am currently creating new works for Untitled Gallery, teaching art classes at The Drawing Studio and at Canyon Ranch while I continue to fulfill portrait commissions.  If you are interested in purchasing new art, portraits or taking classes, please feel free to contact me


Thank you so much for your interest and support!

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