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                          If you're here for a public or personal portrait, of a loved one, a beloved pet, or to honor someone who has passed, know that I take great care in this process, and I thank you for your interest. 


You can choose traditional or more symbolic portraiture done in pencil or charcoal embellished with or without gold leaf, or completed in pastel or oil paint. From very simple to complex, and ranging in price from $200 - $10,000+.  Prices are dependent on size, medium and complexity. 

The Process:

Step 1.       Contact me. We'll discuss your thoughts and ideas regarding size and medium and what the vision is for the drawing or painting.

Step 2.       I prefer to work from photographs that I personally take, and/ or from life.  (Though time could be prohibitive of numerous sittings if the piece is more complex). Ideally we will discuss and schedule a photoshoot. And I will send questions to help you come up with personal items to bring. We'll also talk about color schemes that will apply to the clothing you'll wear. Often a few sets of outfits are helpful, so we have plenty of ideas to play with. Photoshoots are of course not always possible though, for posthumous subjects or when timing or location doesn't permit. In those cases you will need to send the very best images you have. Large digital files are preferable, with good lighting (not taken with a flash).  (*If in person sittings are the preference, we'll chat about the time involved and work on scheduling. Skip #3)

Step 3.       After I've had some time to pore over the photographs, I'll send you some mock ups to choose from. We'll agree on the composition, size and medium and I will send a contract. 1/3 of the total will be due before we proceed. 


Step 4.       Creating the drawing or painting may take a couple of weeks to several months depending on medium and complexity and if there happens to be a queue at that time. I will send an image when I am getting close to completion to discuss any necessary edits. After the final touches have been made, I'll send a final image of the completed artwork.     

Step 5.      The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the painting. Once completed, and ready to travel, your portrait will be delivered! :)  If applicable, shipping and or framing will be provided with additional fees. 

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