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Proud to introduce you to an incredible artist, my Mom.



Deborah L. Sliker is an Arizona native, born in Tucson. Having lived most of her life in the Tucson area, she has lived in California, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Japan.  “I always come home to Arizona, once it's in your soul, it is there forever!”   Her artistic ability was evident from a young age, and she’s always known that her path would be inspired by and through art and design.  As a youngster, she fondly remembers her excitement of  looking through her grandfather’s collection of Architectural Digest magazines. “I didn’t understand the significance, but those beautiful photographs stirred something within me.”  Although her pursuit of a Fine Arts degree was placed on hold, to raise her family and to life’s unforeseen events, she did receive an Associate Degree in Applied Design. She is proud to say that her three adult children also inherited the creative gene. “ Deborah has endeavored to express that early passion through her work in graphic design, illustration, stained-glass, pottery, leather work, photography, and the fine arts.  


Her most recent inspirations come through living the ranch life, with her husband, their dogs, cats, and horses.  Her representational works convey her respect for nature and the beauty that surrounds us, from capturing fleeting moments of a sunrise or sunset, to those everyday images that might be missed if the time isn’t taken to really see them.  Much of her art has been expressly commissioned for, or directly acquired by collectors and exist in private collections, in the US and abroad.     

"The Little Things", Showing at The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Tucson. 
August 22, 2023 - February 5th, 2024

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